Where your recycling goes

Recycling is collected from the kerbside by Envirowaste and taken to one of Oji Fibre Solutions’ sorting and baling plants in Seaview. It is then sorted into big bins and baled ready for transport.

Recycling sorting plant in Toop Road, Seaview.

Recycling sorting plant in Toop Road, Seaview

Cans and tins

Aluminium and steel cans go to Macaulay Metals, and then sent to China to be reprocessed.


The colour sorted glass goes to O-I New Zealand, in Auckland. The glass is then mixed with other raw materials and fed into a furnace where it is melted down to make bottles and jars.

Paper and cardboard

  • Paper goes to the Oji Fibre Solutions mill in Penrose, Auckland (this mill uses 100% recovered paper to make corrugated cardboard).
  • Cardboard goes to the Oji Fibre Solutions mill in Kinleith, Tokoroa (this mill uses recycled cardboard and new wood fibres to make new cardboard).
  • Plastic

    • PET (plastic grade 1) isn't processed in New Zealand, so most goes to China to be made into carpets and polar fleece jerseys.
    • Approximately 20% of plastic grades 2-7 go to Budget Plastics in Palmerston North, where it is reprocessed into bin liners or plastic feedstock for local plastic manufacturers, with the remainder exported to overseas buyers.
    • At the moment our recycling contractors cannot find an end-use for plastic bags – so if they go into recycling, they are sorted out and either stockpiled, or ultimately sent to the landfill. The recycling industry currently struggles with the process of recycling the bags – so we recommend trying to avoid amassing plastic bags in the first place and using a reusable supermarket bag instead.