Wheelie bins, bags & crates

If you live in the suburbs, use the Council wheelie bins or green recycling bags for your paper, metals and plastic recyclable materials, and the green crate for glass only.

Our Service Centre is running a reduced service

You can avoid queues by doing business with us in other ways:

Recycling wheelie bin.

Recycling wheelie bin

Wheelie bins

Every Council wheelie bin has an address sticker, and an individual serial number heat stamped into it. The Council has recorded the serial number against the address the bin is issued to.

Do not take the bin with you when you move properties - the bin is allocated to that specific address only.

Lost or stolen wheelie bins

You can get a replacement wheelie bin if yours is lost or stolen. You need to pay a service fee - this covers our costs in replacing and delivering the bins.

Service fee: $80

The fee can be paid at our Service Centre at 101 Wakefield Street. Alternatively, you can send a cheque with a note stating that it's for a replacement wheelie bin and give your residential address for delivery. Send the cheque to:

Team Leader
Wellington City Council Service Centre
PO Box 2199
Wellington 6140

We need to get payment before we can deliver the bin (a receipt will be given over the counter or posted to you). Keep your receipt for any future queries. When payment has cleared, we'll deliver a wheelie bin in seven working days.

We only replace existing wheelie bins. If you have moved into a property that doesn't have a wheelie bin or green crate, or you have received recycling bags and would like to be assessed for a wheelie bin, phone us on (04) 499 4444 to ask for an assessment.

Criteria for assessment for wheelie bin includes the following, and if any apply a wheelie bin won't be permitted:

  • Vehicles parked parallel to footpath which will impede wheelie bin access from the trucks.
  • Extreme wind exposure.
  • Corner properties which will be unsafe for traffic to pass and cause unnecessary traffic to build up.
  • One way streets as our collections are from the left-hand side. The driver is not allowed to crisscross the road.
  • Steep streets with more than 10 percent gradient that will not allow bins to be left safely before and after collections.
  • There is no access from the road, or yellow lines would prevent trucks to stop in the area to collect.
  • There is NO kerbside (footpath), or footpath is too narrow and not enough space for the safe placement of a wheelie bin.
  • There is high volumes of traffic flow which creates safety and traffic issues for stopping trucks.
  • Multi-unit complexes/dwellings –  this applies to apartment buildings.
  • High and low level footpaths which are not accessible by the truck.
  • Difficult truck access due to road camber, width, growth or corners. There is not enough space at the end of the street/road for the truck to safely make a turn.
  • All private roads, and shared driveways that are not safe and accessible by trucks.
  • Narrow roads – ie our current farm run where smaller trucks or Utes are used.
  • Businesses and anywhere in the CBD.

Recycling bags

Homes outside the city centre

If you live outside the city centre and your address is unsuitable for a wheelie bin, you will receive a delivery of 52 recycling bags once a year - these will start arriving on your doorstep from early May each year.

More bags

The delivery of our FREE recycling bags for 2017 were delivered from May-July. If you believe your recycling bags weren't delivered to your home, please contact the Customer Service Centre on 499 4444 by midnight Sunday 30 July 2017. 

If you need more recycling bags you can buy them from:

Cost: $13 for a pack of 26 bags. Smaller quantities are available.

Homes in the city centre

  •  If you live in the city centre, you don't need a Council recycling bag, place your recycling in clear, plastic bags (supermarket bags are acceptable).

The same type of recycling materials that can go in the wheelie bin can also go into these recycling bags. For more details, see Sorting and Preparing Your Recycling.

Glass recycling bin.

Use the green crates to recycle glass

45-litre green crates

An official Council 45-litre recycling crate must be used for your recyclable glass, ie glass bottles and jars only.

There is a limit of 2 glass crates per household.

You can buy a glass recycling crate from the Council's Service Centre at 101 Wakefield Street and from the libraries in Kilbirnie, Newtown, Johnsonville and Tawa.

Cost: $15