Schools & not-for-profit organisations

The Council supports recycling in schools, early childhood centres and not-for-profit organisations. We provide a kerbside recycling service where possible and have grants available if commercial providers are needed.

Waste education

Learn from the Council's Waste Education Officers how to minimise your waste. Find out more about these free opportunities and resources: Waste Education.

Full Circle recycling sorting plant in Toop Road, Seaview.

Apply for support to recycle

Schools, early childhood centres and not-for-profit organisations can apply for assistance with the cost of recycling.

Two options are available:

  • Kerbside collection. If your organisation produces small amounts of recycling, and is on one of our domestic collection routes, this may be the best option
  • Grant funding. For larger volumes of recyclables, a grant is available for your organisation to use a commercial provider.

Kerbside collections service

Criteria for the kerbside collection service:

  • recycling fits in one wheelie bin (or two recycling bags) and one green crate - collected on alternate weeks
  • the school, early childhood centre or not-for-profit organisation is outside of the central city and we are already collecting recycling from homes in the street
  • putting recycling on the kerbside doesn't create a hazard for those using the footpath
  • collection times for that street are outside the times children at the centre are dropped off or picked up (for schools or early childhood centres).

Recycling grant

If your organisation does not meet the above criteria you can apply for a grant of up to $1,000 annually.

This should cover the full cost of recycling paper, typically 80% of a school waste stream, and other recyclables (glass, plastic and tins).

For larger schools and not-for-profits organisations, with higher costs, please contact us to discuss your requirements prior to putting in an application.

For more information, email our Waste Education team.

Apply for a Kerbside Collection Service / Recycling Grant

Commercial providers

The following two commercial recycling companies offer school recycling. Organisations can still apply for the grant if they use other service providers.

Full Circle Recycling
Type of recycling Bin size Cost per bin
Mixed paper / cardboard 120L, 240L, or 360L wheelie bin
Free bin rental
$10 “one-off”  bin delivery charge
$10 for emptying bin
Cardboard (no paper) 1500L Rhino bin or 3m3 cage

$12.50 rental per month
$75 “one-off” bin delivery charge
Free bin emptying
Mixed plastic / metal (no glass) 120L or 240L wheelie bin

$10 per month bin rental fee
$10 “one-off” bin delivery charge
$10 for emptying bin

For more information contact:
Full Circle Recycling
Phone: 0800 732925

Waste Management
Type of recycling Bin size Cost
Paper/card 140L, 240L, 660L, 1.5m or 3m bin $15 + GST for emptying each bin (monthly, fortnightly, weekly rosters available)
Cardboard 1.5 or 3m bin $10 + GST for emptying each bin (monthly, fortnightly, weekly rosters available)
Glass 140L or 240L bin $11 + GST for emptying each bin (monthly, fortnightly, weekly rosters available)
Plastic/cans 140L or 240L bin $11 + GST for emptying each bin (monthly, fortnightly, weekly rosters available)

For more information contact:
Waste Management
Phone: 04 568 3550