Multi-unit dwellings

Multi-unit dwellings of 10 or more units are not eligible for recycling bags or wheelie bins for the reasons below:

  • It will create Health & Safety hazards with numerous rubbish bags and/or recyclables to be collected – including for pedestrians, people with prams and in wheelchairs, and for the collection truck operator
  • With such a large number of rubbish/recyclable receptacles to collect, the collection truck will be stationary for a long period of time affecting traffic flow
  • Contaminated bags have to be left behind as they will not be accepted by the company that sorts our recycling materials. In many cases the bags are not cleared by the offending household as they are not easily identifiable – leading to further Health & Safety issues, and complaints from residents and the general public
  • Ultimately, it is left to the Council to clean up the mess which results in a significant and unnecessary cost to the ratepayers
  • Our building guide and recommendation is for developers to provide a space to allow for provision of receptacles in multi-unit dwellings. We also ask that the Body Corporate or Landlord should be responsible for the disposal of waste from multi-units.