Community fruit tree programme expands

Over 80 trees will be planted on 18 sites around Wellington during July and August by volunteers from Worker Bee Inc. as part of the second year of the Council’s fruit tree guardian programme.

A blossom tree flowering in Brooklyn

This year’s planting adds to last year’s programme of 36 trees planted on 13 sites.  Members of WorkerBe Oasis Inc. are volunteering their time to plant these trees in return for trees to be planted in a community orchard in Karori.

"Helping plant these trees gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I know that in a small way I’m contributing to the creation of a resilient, sustainable local food system for Wellington", says Connor Boyle, WorkerBe volunteer.

A variety of trees will be planted including heritage varieties of apple, pear, plum and feijoas.

The trees will also be looked after by ‘fruit tree guardians’ – local volunteers who will water, prune, weed and mulch to keep the trees healthy and productive.

Mayor of Wellington Celia Wade-Brown is a keen gardener and is looking forward to helping this year with the fruit tree guardian programme.

"Planting and caring for a fruit tree is a very positive community activity".

"Wellington City Council is delighted to enable practical Urban Agriculture"

"Our volunteer guardians of the trees are to be commended for their generous spirit and commitment to the goal of distributing fruit from the trees within their own community" she says. "Wellington City Council is delighted to enable practical Urban Agriculture".

The Council’s Community and Neighbourhood Advisor, Sarah Adams, says “We have had a great response to this programme. It’s wonderful to see the enthusiasm that people from around the community have to become guardians and look after fruit trees for their community.”

Fruit trees have been planted in Johnsonville, Ngaio, Northland, Karori, Strathmore, Island Bay, Mount Victoria, Berhampore, Southgate and Brooklyn.

More trees will be planted next year and the Council will be looking for fruit tree guardians for the following areas: Ngaio, Miramar, Northern suburbs, Roseneath, Strathmore, Crofton Downs, Mt Victoria, Makara, and Brooklyn. 

Want to volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering as a fruit tree guardian, contact Sarah Adams, Council and Community Neighbourhood Advisor.

 Phone  803 8361