Taking Action

Find out what actions we're taking to help reduce climate change, and what you can do.

Wellington's coast line.

Wellington coastline

The Council in action

The Council has a responsibility under the Local Government Act 2002 to protect the natural environment and ensure community well-being. This includes protecting residents, property and infrastructure from the impacts of climate change. Therefore, it's essential those impacts and risks are recognised early and that they are properly planned for.

Our role in managing climate-related risks includes:

  • managing water supply networks to cope with potential dry years
  • strategies around transport, energy, sustainable buildings, and water conservation
  • making sure that infrastructure will cope with the impacts of climate change expected this century
  • through the District Plan:
    • taking hazards into account, for example, controlling housing and infrastructure development in places susceptible to river and sea flooding, and areas prone to slips or coastal erosion
    • looking at land-use decisions, such as forestry or farming, including management options for native ecosystems introducing community initiatives.

Our long-term vision

The Council has a long-term vision (Towards 2040: Smart Capital) to make Wellington an eco-city that can respond proactively to environmental challenges. The Council has also set emission targets in its Climate Change Action Plan.

Strategy and Plans

What you can do

Join the many businesses and residents who are taking action:

Annual Report 2014/15 - Monitoring Information (9.3MB PDF)

Sustainability - Homes

Learn to live sustainably - rethink how you do things on an everyday basis - and reduce your impact on the environment and save money. Here are some resources to help:

Sustainability - General Resources

Your ideas

The Council welcomes your comments and suggestions - use the online form below:

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