Apply for road stopping

The Council may sell unformed legal road when the land is not needed for utilities, roads or footpaths.

Applying to buy an area of unformed legal road

Each application to buy an area of unformed legal road is individually assessed.

How long does it take?

The process of buying unformed legal road takes a year or more, depending on objections.


The process costs are approximately $12,000 above the purchase cost of the land. A rebate on the process costs does apply. This is calculated at the end of the process.


To apply, complete the online application form:

Apply for road stopping

Or you can complete this printed application form and send it to us:

Road Stopping Application Form (48KB PDF)
You no longer need to provide service authority consents with your application.
We are updating this PDF soon.

Neighbourhood interest groups

Council officers will advise your local residents' association of your proposal during the road stopping process.