Sandwich boards

You can use a sandwich board on a public footpath if you first get a Sandwich Board Licence from the Council.

Whether we grant a licence depends on whether it is safe and appropriate to have a sandwich board at that location.

How to apply

Board position

Position your board so it does not get in the way of pedestrians and clutter the footpath. The Council will remove any boards that keep blocking the footpath.


All Sandwich Board Licences are issued for 1 year (1 July to 30 June). The Council will send you a reminder before your licence expires.

Annual fees cover the processing and monitoring of the Footpath Management Policy as it relates to sandwich boards.

To update changes to your current licence (contact details or change of location or board), contact the Street Activities Officer.


Central city (CBD)  
New application $180 (pro rata)
New application
$105 (pro rata)

More information

Street Activities Officer

Phone 04 499 4444