Other types of applications & their fees

You may need to also pay for a building warrant of fitness, certificate of acceptance, an independent qualified person, or a PIM. There are also additional costs if you are building a project that has to be closely monitored, or a swimming pool.

Building warrant of fitness

These are annual checks required under the Building Act 2004. For more information and fees: Building Warrant of Fitness.

Certificate of acceptance

These fees are for work carried out under urgency (see Section 42 of the Building Act 2004). For all other circumstances a 50% surcharge applies to the stated fees.

For all applications
Lodgement fee $103.00

There are other fees that all applicants need to pay.

Project values

Fee includes plan check fee and initial inspection time estimate.

1, 2 & 3
1 & 2
Under $10,000 $693.50 $897.25 $1060.75
$10,001–$20,000 $1142.00 $1142.00
$20,001–$100,000 $1549.75 $1549.75
$100,001–$500,000 $1631.50 $2120.25 $2120.25 
$500,001–$1,000,000 $2935.75 $3262.25 $3588.75 
Over $1,000,000 $3670.00 $3670.00 $3670.00 
For each $500,000 or part thereof over $1,000,000 $774.75 $774.75 $774.75 

Other fees

Other work may be required for certificate of acceptance applications. Additional fees will be required to be paid for the work we do. This work can include, but isn’t limited to, structural assessments, district plan checks, vehicle access checks and BWoF or compliance schedule checks. Check other fees you might need to pay. 

Additional fees

Consent suspended fee (to review additional information) – charge per additional hour of officer re-assessment time $163.50
Additional inspection time charge per additional hour $163.50


Council collects a building levy on behalf of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) on applications with a project value of $20,444 or over.

MBIE Levy per $1000 of project value $2.01

Change of use (with no building work)

For a change of use notification, where no building work is taking place, you first need to get the Council’s written confirmation that the requirements of the Building Act have been complied with.

Lodgement fee $103.00
Initial fee (includes 2 hours processing) $327.00
Processing over 2 hours – per hour $163.50 

Independent qualified person

Independent qualified person’s registration fee (new and renewal) $163.50
Additional charge for each new competency registered $77.00

Project information memorandum (PIM)

PIM – single residential dwelling including accessory buildings $408.25
PIM – other $489.50
Applying online using Simpli  $45.00 

For more information: Project Information Memorandum (PIM)

Special activity and monitoring

Hourly charge to consider proposals and monitor compliance $163.50

Swimming pools

The Fencing of Swimming Pools Act was withdrawn and some provisions were amended into the Building Act 2004 on 1 January 2017. According to the act, swimming pools must now be inspected every 3 years.

Inspection fee per hour $163.50

For more information: pool fencing.