Other fees that may apply

A building consent application may also incur some or all of the following charges, depending on the work involved.

  • As we work on applications, we may find additional areas that need investigation.
  • We may need to charge for extra processing time if that's been required or if the consent has been suspended because more information was needed.
  • Please be aware this may result in additional fees that we will invoice and request payment for before issuing your building consent.

Administration and pre-application meetings

Pre-application meetings: consent officer / expert / compliance officer (2 hours total officer time free, then charged per hour) $163.50
Administration fee for refunds on cancelled, lapsed or superseded consents $103.00
Administration fee (other), hourly rate $103.00

Building consent amended plan

When a building consent has been issued, any changes to the proposed building work will require an amendment to be lodged and further fees will be charged.

Lodgement fee $77.00
Initial fee (includes 1 hour processing) $163.50
Processing over 1 hour – per hour $163.50

Certificate lodgement*

Processing time per hour $163.50
Preparing legal documents (first 2 hours processing) $308.50
Legal costs for registering certificates against titles Actual cost
S77 building over two or more allotments – legal costs Actual cost
S72 land subject to hazards – LINZ lodgement Actual cost

*Refers to Computer Register, previously known as Certificate of Title

Commercial building projects

Some fees apply only to commercial buildings. To find out how much and the types of fees involved, see Commercial Buildings.

Development contribution

If additional household units or additional commercial, retail or industrial space are created, development contribution fees may be needed. We assess these fees after the application is lodged and they must be paid before we can issue the Code Compliance Certificate (CCC).

Fast track

Service fees to check building plans and to issue consents within 5 or 10 working days (instead of the usual 20 working days). Applications are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Book a lodgement meeting to discuss this by phoning (04) 801 4311.

Consent issued within 10 working days (criteria apply). Applies to all fees related to consent approval. 2 x consent approval charges 
Consents issued within 5 working days (criteria apply). Applies to all fees related to consent approval. 3 x consent approval charges


Council collects the building levy and building research levy on behalf of MBIE and BRANZ, on all building consent applications with a project value of $20,444 and $20,000 or over respectively. For staged projects, levies are assessed on the total project value.

Levies per $1000 of project value
BRANZ levy $1.00
MBIE levy $2.01

Multi-proof consent applications using national multi-use approvals (NMUA)

Lodgement fee $103.00
Plan check – estimate 3 hours @ $163.50 $489.50
Additional time per hour $163.50

Simpli online applications

Including building consent applications, amended plan applications or Project Information Memorandum (PIM) applications. $45.00

Restricted building work

Restricted building work check (per building consent) $51.50

Structural design check

These deposits and additional charges may apply for checking elements of specific engineering design on projects comprising structural works, when supported by a producer statement from a chartered professional engineer.

Residential 1, 2 and 3 structural work (on plan reviews) $291.50
Commercial 1 and 2 structural work (on plan reviews) $397.25
Commercial 3 structural work (on plan reviews) $725.75
Residential 1, 2 and 3 structural work (for amended plans) $328.50
Commercial 1 and 2 structural work (for amended plans) $328.50
Commercial 3 structural work (for amended plans) $434.25
Engineer’s hourly charge (including internal overheads) over and above deposit $293.00
Contract management hourly charge, over and above deposit $139.75
Deposit for all levels of buildings requiring structural checking not supported by a producer statement from a chartered professional engineer $725.75

Time extension

Time extension initial fee (30 minutes admin, 30 minutes inspector). Any time spent over this is charged at the relevant hourly rate $133.25
Time extension – additional inspector’s time, hourly rate $163.50

Vehicle access

Plan check linked to a building consent or resource consent $310.00
Received independently (small) $315.00
Received independently (multiple) $530.00
Initial inspection fee $155.00
Vehicle crossing inspection fee over 1 hour $155.00