Consents & licences


Pay your registration fee and learn about responsible dog ownership, dog exercise areas, and reporting dog attacks.

Health licences

Find out if your business needs a health licence to operate.


    You need an encroachment licence to build a structure on, over or under the strip of land between your property's front boundary and the road or footpath.

    Road stopping

    Road stopping is the process of changing legal road land into fee simple land so it can be sold to the adjoining owner.

      Pool and spa fencing

      You must have a barrier around a swimming pool on your property. Spa pools can use lockable lids as long as they meet the requirements.

      Keeping animals

      Learn about microchipping cats, keeping animals on residential properties and setting up an animal boarding establishment.

      Trading in public places

      In most situations, you need a Council trading licence if you want to sell something in a public place for private gain.

        Street performance and busking

        If you want to perform or busk on the city streets, you'll need a licence.

        Street appeals

        If you want to collect money on the street for a charity, you need to apply for a temporary licence.

          Signs and posters

          Find out what to do if you want to put up a sign, or report damage or complain about a sign.


          If you want to carry out any non-pedestrian activities on the public footpath, you'll need to contact the Council.

          Gambling consents

          To operate a gambling machine or gambling venue in Wellington City, you must apply for consent from the Council.

            Amusement device permits

            Fairground rides, jeeps and vertical bungies require approval from the Council and will incur a fee.