Camera Base volunteers: making the difference

We operate closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in Central Wellington in partnership with the Police, and we're seeking volunteers to help monitor them and make the city a safe place to live, work and play.

Logo for the Cuba CCTV programme featuring a stylised image of a security camera reflecting Cuba Street at night.

Get involved

  • Give something back to your community
  • Provide support to the Police and Council
  • Use your observation skills

What you will do

The cameras are a valuable tool in helping to prevent and reduce crime, identify vulnerable people and provide intelligence to guide safety initiatives.

You will be actively monitoring the Wellington Safe City cameras and reporting relevant incidents. You will interact via radio with Police and Council’s Local Host team.


We provide full induction training followed by mentoring from the existing volunteers until you are confident with the Camera Base processes. Ongoing training and development will be provided.

What you need to apply

  • New Zealand citizenship or permanent residence status
  • Ability to pass Police checks
  • Computer skills
  • Good English language skills - verbal and written
  • Clear and logical thought processes
  • Ability to describe observations over the phone and in writing
  • Ablility to work independently and as a team member in a range of situations

Register your interest

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What commitment do we need?

We are currently recruiting volunteers who can work during the evening and weekends to expand our coverage.

Volunteers are expected to do at least:

  • two shifts per month
  • four 12:30am-4.30am shifts per year.

This is so that the Camera Base provides adequate coverage and proficiency is retained.

Monitoring is required during the following times. There will be other shifts required during special events. Volunteers are also welcome to monitor the cameras outside of these hours.

Day Time Minimum coverage
Monday 4pm-7pm One person
Tuesday 4pm-7pm One Person
Wednesday 4pm-7pm One person
7pm-10pm One person
Thursday 4pm-7pm One person
7pm-10pm One person
Friday 4pm-6.30pm One person
6.30pm-9.40pm Two people
9.40pm-12.30am (Saturday morning) Two people
Saturday 12.30am-4.30am One person
12.30pm-3.30pm One person
3.30pm-6.30pm One person
6.30pm-9.40pm Two people
9.15pm-12.30am (Sunday morning) Two people
Sunday 12.30am-4.30am Two people
1pm-4pm One person
4pm-7pm One person