Settlement Support - Wellington

Free information about living, working and studying in Wellington city.

Changes to Settlement Support services

Wellington City Council no longer provides the settlement information service. Immigration New Zealand has launched a new service for new migrants to help them settle and work in New Zealand.

For your settlement information needs, visit Wellington - NZ Immigration  or call 0508 558 855. Press 2 if you wish to speak to someone on the phone. Or you can email your question to

If you want to speak to someone in your local area, a walk-in information service is available at Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB):

Central City Citizens Advice Bureau
Mezzanine Floor (next to Clark’s Café)
Central Library Building
65 Victoria Street, Wellington

Seminars and workshops about living and working in New Zealand will be available from September 2014.

Parade of graduates.

Wellington Education factsheet


Fact sheets

These fact sheets give practical information about living, working and studying in Wellington city.

Services - Information about services and utilities available in Wellington, such as electricity, gas, phone, internet, rubbish collection, and safety and police services.

Wellington Services (268KB PDF)

Employment - What you must have to be able to work in New Zealand, looking and applying for jobs, employment support for newcomers and job seekers from a non-English speaking background, and information about starting your own business.

Wellington Employment (242KB PDF)

Education - All children 6 - 16 years old in New Zealand must go to school. Find out about education for the different ages, how to enrol your child at school, out-of-school care, national examinations, and classes to help learn the English language.

Wellington Education (220KB PDF)

Health - Information on New Zealand public health care system including emergency services, how to choose a family doctor (GP) and access medical specialist services.

Wellington Health Care (288KB PDF)

Banking, Money and Taxation - How to choose a bank, set up a bank account and organise your money. Find out how to apply for a tax number (Inland Revenue Department (IRD) number), and information on income tax and government financial help.

Banking, Money and Taxation in Wellington (243KB PDF)

Transport - Public transport systems in Wellington including bus, trains and airplanes. Information on driving in New Zealand, buying a car and how to get a New Zealand driver's licence.

Wellington Transport (250KB PDF)

Rental Housing - How to find a place to live when you arrive in Wellington, how much rent will cost and your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

Wellington Rental Housing (207KB PDF)

Buying Property - When you're new to the country, buying property is a big decision and investment. It's important you get expert advice and do your research about the property and the cost of owning property.

Wellington - Buying Property (374B PDF)