Housing upgrades

In 2008, Wellington City Council started on a joint 20-year project with the Crown to upgrade its social housing.

The government is giving $220 million to the project and the Council will invest additional money from its rental income.

The Housing Upgrade project's goal is in part to provide better housing. Installing insulation and double glazing, and improving ventilation and heating will allow tenants to enjoy, safer, warmer, drier homes.

The Housing Upgrade also aims at building communities with better recreation facilities, where tenants can socialise or work on projects.

The redevelopment also includes major landscaping improvements to the grounds.

The units are spread across 40 housing complexes and range from single-storey timber houses to multi-storey concrete blocks. When fully occupied, they are home to around 3,500 tenants.

A series of film clips shows the transformation our upgrades and Community Action programme are making for our residents: City Housing - YouTube

Our progress and achievements

Find out about the housing upgrades we've completed, complexes we've started to upgrade and awards we've won.

Progress and achievements