Effect on tenants

What you can expect if you live in a Wellington City Council property which is included in the Housing Upgrade project.

Tenants discussing plans with City Housing staff.

Tenants discussing plans with City Housing staff

Temporary accommodation during the upgrade

While the flats are being upgraded, most tenants will be moved out of their homes into temporary accommodation.

If you live in a house or apartment that is being upgraded over the next few years, we will be in touch to discuss the work and how it will affect you. Our tenant liaison coordinators will work closely with you to help make moving as easy as possible. You can watch how the Council's tenancy liaison advisors work with tenants to organise moving home so it causes the least disruption to their lives:

Before you move, you will sign an agreement about where you're moving to while your unit is upgraded.

We will pay for your packing and moving costs, including the cost of getting your electricity, internet, phone or Sky Television services transferred.

We'll work with relevant social agencies to make sure you are supported during this process.

We will try to make sure you have the same laundry facilities and have your City Housing parking permits transferred to your new location.

Returning home

In most cases, if your original house meets your needs, you will be able to return once improvement work has been completed. However, if the size of your house is changing, or your needs have changed, we will work with you to find another home within our housing complexes.

Tenancy agreements

When you move out of your unit or house, your tenancy agreement will also end. A new tenancy agreement will have to be signed to cover temporary accommodation. Once you move back into permanent accommodation, a new tenancy agreement will be drawn up.

The standard City Housing tenancy agreements may differ in format and conditions from older tenancy agreements, but will comply with the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.

For advice on your rights and responsibilities regarding tenancy agreements and actions of your landlord, contact:

Tenancy Services
Building and Housing Group

Phone: 0800 836 262
Website: Tenancy Services - Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment


Your bond will be transferred each time you move, regardless of any debt you might have.


If you are housed in temporary accommodation, your rent will remain the same. When you move to permanent accommodation, you will need to pay the rent of that property.

Tenants aged 80 or older who have their rents frozen will continue to have this condition included in any new City Housing tenancy agreement.

More information

You will receive a regular newsletter about the upgrade and we welcome any questions, ideas or comments.

Housing Upgrade Project, City Housing

Phone 04 499 4444
Email info@wcc.govt.nz

Your tenancy advisor can answer most questions, or put you in touch with a member of the Housing Upgrade project team if you want more detailed information:

Phone:  (04) 499 4444