Community Development

Through the Community Action Programme (CAP), tenants have taken part in the decisions that affect them, and joined in activities to get to know their neighbours and improve their neighbourhoods.

Find out more about the programme by watching the video below. You'll see tenants leading activities including art exhibitions and cooking classes, and the children at Te Ara Hou Apartments in Newtown playing a big role in designing their playground:

Award winners

The CAP team won the 2012 AHI Leading Housing Innovation Award and in 2010 the nationwide Australasian Housing Institute (AHI) - Excellence Award for Engagement.

The win was an acknowledgement of the strengths-based community development work that runs alongside the Housing Upgrade project. This work has led to the development of 15 communal living and play areas, including community rooms, exterior communal areas, playgrounds and mobility vehicle storage.

The team has created 10 new community gardens, including edible gardens, and invested in landscaping to improve the living environment.

Tenants from the Wellington Association of City Housing Artists (WACHA) won the 'Tenant-led Initiative Award' for their art exhibition 'Everyone Has a Story'.

News - Everyone has a Story - 15.11.11

Tenant Summit on Neighbours Day.

Tenant Summit on Neighbours Day

Activities and workshops

The programme offers a range of workshops and activities for tenants, including:

  • access to computers from computer hubs
  • community safety
  • communal gardening
  • social and recreational activities
  • tenant-led events such as exercise and art classes
  • upgrading playgrounds and recreational spaces
  • emergency preparedness
  • life skills and leadership development
  • access to information and advice on health and other community services.

Many tenants volunteer as community room coordinators. More than 3,000 volunteer hours have been worked by tenants running two computer hubs.

Neighbours Day

City Housing tenants from around Wellington met at Te Papa as part of Neighbours Day.

Learn more about the workshops and what tenants gained from the day in the following video:

Get involved

If you are a City Housing tenant and would like to get involved with the community development activities in your area, contact a member of the City Housing team:

Phone: (04) 499 4444