Berkeley Dallard & Etona Apartments

The extensive upgrade of Berkeley Dallard Apartments was completed in 2014. It has 121 apartments and is an easy walk to the central city.

View of Berkeley Dallard after the upgrade

The upgraded Berkeley Dallard Apartments



Berkeley Dallard Apartments are at 46 Nairn Street, Mt Cook, Wellington. Etona Apartments are next door at 27 Brooklyn Road.

Time frame

This project started in February 2013, and was completed in August 2014.

Facilities and features

The ten-storey redevelopment has changed the configuration of the building. It now has large family units on the lower floors, two- and three-bedroom units on the middle floors and one-bedroom units and studios on floors nine and ten.

Other improvements are:

  • an additional lift and main entry – access from both Nairn Street and Brooklyn Road sides
  • double-glazed windows and wall insulation
  • new fire protection system
  • new plumbing 
  • new bathroom and kitchen fit-outs
  • upgraded electrical, security and communications
  • extensive landscaping, including lighting and signs
  • playground and fruit trees shared with neighbouring Council properties.

Tenants were involved throughout the design stages of the project and the Community Action Programme worked with them to build a strong community spirit in the new complex. There is a community room on site and Berkeley Dallard and Etona tenants can also share the community facilities next door at Central Park.


The Etona Apartments have been redecorated and upgraded including improved ventilation and insulation, new kitchens and bathrooms, fire safety system, wiring and plumbing.

Our project partners

  • Architects: CCM Architects
  • Contractors: Hawkins Construction

The upgraded apartments


A little bit of history

The Berkeley Dallard Apartments, named after a Wellington City Councillor 1949-1962, were built in 1975 and are the largest single block (10,390 sqm) in Wellington City Council’s housing portfolio.

Originally the 153 units were built with the larger five-bedroom units on the top floors, designed as shared accommodation for single working men, and smaller accommodation on the lower floors. We’ve changed this for today’s different housing needs, putting multi-bedroom units – now occupied by families – on the ground floor to give better access to facilities and the outdoor area.

More information

Ivan Burton
Asset Operation Manager

Phone 04 499 4444

For tenancy related queries, phone 04 499 4444.