Wellington Regional Amenities Fund

The Wellington Regional Amenities Fund is a partnership between Wellington City Council, Hutt City Council, Upper Hutt City Council, Kāpiti Coast District Council* and Porirua City Council.

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The Wellington Regional Amenities Fund (WRAF) is focused on arts, cultural and environmental organisations that can deliver activities that support the fund priorities, thereby contributing to the attractiveness, vitality and wellbeing of the Wellington Region.Arts, cultural and environmental organisations of regional significance can be supported for operational funding, capital funding or project funding for activities that benefit the Wellington region. 

Regionally significant organisations are leaders in their field or have the potential to become leaders. They deliver high quality cultural/environmental activities that reach across the region and draw people to it – making Wellington Region the best place to live and to visit.

Each participating local Council contributes to the fund on a per capita basis.

*Kapiti Coast District Council were not fund members in the 2016/17 financial year.


The fund has three priorities:

To increase their long-term contribution to the economy of the Wellington Region by: 

  • increasing visitor numbers to the region 
  • growing audience numbers and diversity 
  • increasing paid and volunteering opportunities 
  • ensuring activities are accessible (financially and physically) 
  • contributing to another key regional growth sector, for example film, hospitality, recreation.

Partner with organisations in the Wellington region to: 

  • strengthen networks (through skills transfer, knowledge sharing, or increased organisational capacity through sharing resources) 
  • develop robust, diverse cultural and environmental infrastructures through working in collaboration 
  • mentor smaller/like organisations, and/or deliver education opportunities 
  • complement other regional events (by ensuring event calendars align).

Contribute to Wellington’s status as a nationally and internationally competitive region by: 

  • strengthening its unique arts, cultural and environmental offering
  • addressing gaps in the cultural/environmental ecosystem 
  • ensuring they plan to stay in the Wellington Region.

2017 Allocations

WRAF is allocated once every year. In March 2017 the Joint Committee of Mayors agreed to a more strategic and proactive approach to the fund, with a focus on regionally significant organisations and on projects and events that have regional impact. 

This approach builds on the 2016 fund review which emphasised the importance of the fund in supporting organisations (events and projects) that are ‘regionally significant’ – which deliver identified strategic priorities for the region around; economic growth, regional connectedness and competitive advantage. 

In 2018/19 a limited number of organisations will be invited to make applications, these will be identified through the participating Councils, WRAF has a focus on supporting a smaller number of organisations to achieve maximum impact in the region, applications will be made during July 2018 and considered by the Joint Committee in late August 2017.


There is one funding round each year. Funding decisions are made by the WRAF Joint Committee in a public meeting forum at Upper Hutt City Council. The Joint Committee comprises the Mayors of each Territorial Authority that contribute to the fund. The Fund Manager alongside one representative from each contributing Council (Council Officers Group) will review all applications and make funding recommendations to the WRAF Joint Committee. The Joint Committee make the final decision on which applications best deliver to the fund priorities.

To find out what was funded at the last round, see: Past allocations (72KB PDF)

In 2016 a detailed evaluation of the grant activity in the first four years of the fund was undertaken, which looked into the economic and social benefits delivered by the fund in the region – Executive summary (1.9MB PDF)

More information

Mark Farrar, Fund Manager

Phone 04 803 8525
Email mark.farrar@wcc.govt.nz