Communities on Bikes Fund

The Communities on Bikes Fund is being reviewed by the Grants Subcommittee. Applications are not currently being accepted.

Please read all the information on this page before you apply to this fund.

Projects we fund

  1. Projects that enhance the Council’s cycleway development.
  2. Projects that encourage the uptake of cycling as a transport mode choice.
  3. Projects that encourage safe cycling practices.
  4. Projects that are accessible to and benefit the community.

How to apply

If this is the first time you have applied to the Council for funding, you will need to register at the Funding Portal – Apply Online.

If you have applied for funding from the Council before, you can create a new funding request by logging into the Funding Portal.

About this fund

We have $50,000 to allocate this financial year.

Funding is available for projects that encourage riding bikes as a regular transport option, and contribute to developing Wellington as a smart city where riding bikes is part of everyday life.

The fund’s focus is on the promotion of cycling as a transport choice, but all applications that meet the application criteria will be considered.

Communities on Bikes initiatives can be:

  • events or activities that encourage or celebrate the uptake of cycling as a regular transport mode choice
  • training programmes that encourage the safe use of our commuter network
  • infrastructure and equipment that encourage more people to travel by bike.

Past allocations (56KB PDF)

See the Funding Calendar for a list of all Council funds and relevant dates.


The following criteria must be met or the application will not be accepted.

  1. The project makes a positive contribution to achieving the Council’s Strategic Outcomes and Points of Difference, as detailed in the Council’s current Long-term Plan.
  2. The project is Wellington City based and primarily benefits the people of Wellington.
  3. The applicant group provides evidence of (or, if a new group, systems for) sound financial management, good employment practice (where applicable), clear and detailed planning, clear performance measures, and demonstrated ability to report back on past funding as appropriate.
  4. Projects will not be funded for the same purpose more than once in any financial year. Note: different aspects of the same project may be eligible for more or different grants.
  5. Failure to report adequately on past Council funding can result in a group being considered ineligible for future funding.

Other criteria we consider are:

  1. The applicant is a legally constituted community group or organisation.
  2. The project is physically and financially accessible either by a wide range of persons or by the intended users.
  3. The project shows evidence of community support, collaboration, engagement and building partnerships.
  4. The applicant can demonstrate that the project expands the capacity, range or level of similar types of services in the community, and that there was user input into identifying the need for the project.
  5. Occupational Health and Safety: does your project present a potential risk to staff, volunteers and participants. If so, what steps are in place to mitigate these risks.

Application process

First, check whether your project meets the criteria above. If you are unsure, contact the Transport Choice Coordinator to discuss your project.

You will need to provide information so we can assess your application and the project’s success. We are looking for applications that show the activity is well-planned, enhances the Council’s cycling development, has benefits to the community and meets strategic goals. This includes:

  • details of the planned activity and why you are doing it
  • project budget details – quotes and estimates to support the planned costs.

If you have any suggestions or questions about the process, please contact a funding advisor using the details at the bottom of this page. For more information about how to make a great application, head to Applications - What You Need to Know.

If your application is successful

The amount that you receive is influenced by;

  1. the value of the funding request when considered against the total project cost

  2. parity with similar projects in existing or previous rounds

  3. fair distribution in the current round

  4. the amount of funding available for allocation.

To receive funding you will need to complete a funding agreement and meet the terms and conditions. Funding is paid in one amount, GST added where applicable.

Following completion of your project you will be required to submit a report.

Contact us

We encourage you to contact us to get advice about how best to approach your project or application.

Transport Choice Coordinator

Phone (04) 499 4444

Funding Advisor

Phone 04 803 8562