Check Yourself

Everyone enjoys a night out with friends, but sometimes you need to Check Yourself and think about your actions before you do something you later regret.

Picture of a young man clenching his fists in anger. And text reads:

It doesn’t take much for a good time to take a turn for the worst – what might seem like a justified reaction at the time can often have severe consequences, so remember to think before you act.

At the time it can be hard to see a situation turn violent but certain actions can have a lasting effect, both on you and the people around you, so remember to Check Yourself before you lose control.

About Check Yourself

Wellington City Council and NZ Police have partnered to develop a campaign which targets young adults (18–25) to consider their actions while drinking, encouraging them to be safe and responsible in the city and understand the consequences of their actions.

Massey University Creative Enterprise students responded to this behaviour-awareness brief as part of their course and developed an innovative and adaptive campaign – Check Yourself.

The digital and print-based campaign uses common Kiwi slang to encourage young adults to address problems before they escalate.

The campaign is supported by Massey University, Victoria University of Wellington, Whitireia, Weltec, MediaWorks and Hospitality NZ. Check Yourself water bottles supplied by PureNZ.

With thanks to Massey University Creative Enterprise Students:

Initial Pitch

  • Amo Chase
  • Ben Grave
  • Briar Evans
  • Cam Monteith
  • Caroline Caldwell
  • Emma Williams
  • Hannah Jensen
  • Harry Parkinson
  • Jonty Andrews
  • Kate Stachurski
  • Raph Roake
  • Sarah-Louise Crawford
  • Sarah Thomas
  • Yi-Lin


  • Hannah Jensen


  • Briar Evans
  • Sarah-Louise Crawford