Neighbours Day

Neighbours Day is any day that people come together to build great neighbourhoods, regardless of whether your neighbourhood is an apartment, a marina or a suburban street.

Neighbours Day isn't about big events – it is a celebration and practice of the regular day to day connections between people living close to each other that foster a sense of Whanaungatanga and Manākitanga, building community and personal wellbeing. It might mean a first wave or a smile, a chat over the fence or in your lobby, inviting your neighbour in for a cuppa or a game, or holding a potluck or street barbecue. 

Check out below ways to get involved in your neighbourhood and resources we provide to help people connect. If you want to share stories of connecting with Neighbours, tag us on social media @WgtnCC and use #neighboursWLG or just drop us a line at or 04 499 4444.

Tell us how Neigbours Day 2019 went!

We want to thank all the organisations and households who joined in and ran events and small scale gatherings for Neighbours Day 2019. You are all amazing community champions, and your neighbourhoods are better for it!

Special Thanks to People’s Coffee for donating bags of coffee for people who paid it forward at their favourite coffee shop. We also want to thank all the cafes in the Central City that took part in the Pay It Forward promotion, and for all the people who took part.

If you ran an event or gathering, and want to share what you did, or your reflections on Neighbours Day, please email Your feedback should include:

  • A short description of how you participated in Neighbours Day,
  • Any photos you want to share
  • Any reflections or feedback on how it went or how it could be better or easier.

Alternatively you can submit Feedback on Neighbours Day here.

Want to get involved in your neighbourhood?

Check out your local Community Centres, Community Gardens, or the many other groups in Wellington for ways to join in. 

For other ideas for neighbourhood and community-level projects and doing things with your neighbours, use the WCC Getting Together Guide or try the following:

  • Greet people in your neighbourhood! Say ‘kia ora,’ ‘hello,’ ‘talofa,’ ‘mālō ē lelei,’ ‘ni hao,’ or whatever works for you and your neighbours!
  • Organise a shared meal, picnic, game night, or drawing competition in your street or building.
  • Next time you mow your lawn, why not do your neighbour’s as well (with their permission)?
  • Share home-grown produce with your neighbours or start a local community garden.
  • Get online: organise your activities with a Facebook page, WhatsApp group or similar.
  • Organise a sports/games afternoon with retro games – egg and spoon, sack, relay races, chalk drawing competitions are simple and great fun.
  • Coordinate a gardening event at your local community garden or verge.
  • Organise cooking classes or an inter-generational bake off.
  • Hold community classes, like preserve-making with seasonal produce, or sustainable living.
  • Set up a 'drink & draw' group or share a book.
  • Organise a street clean-up, gardening/working bee or garage sale.
  • Organise a musical jam session.
  • Do a street clothes swap: recycle clothes and refresh your wardrobes!
  • Start a neighbourhood library for things you and your neighbours are happy to share with each other (e.g. ladders, tools, kitchen mixers, books, toys, sports gear, music, art and craft supplies).

Local community Neighbours Day events around Wellington

Many thanks to all the groups and individuals who make Neighbours Day happen every year.

If you have an idea for an event or want to do something in your neighbourhood, but are not quite sure where to start, you can find plenty of inspiration on Neighbours Day Aotearoa or in the WCC Getting Together Guide. You can also get in touch with us at or 04 499 4444 and ask for the Community Resilience Team.

Funding for Neighbours Day events is through the Social and Recreation Fund. Applications are due by 31 October to fund community events or programmes that help build inclusive intergenerational communities.

Free resources to help you get to know your neighbours

Free printed resources are available to help you and your neighbours get to know each other better over a Neighbours Day.

The resources include information on ways to stay connected to your neighbours such as:

For the full list of the resources, check Resources for Neighbourhoods

If you want to request any of these resources, email to arrange a pick up, or with your address and how many you need for your neighbourhood.

Past Neighbours Day themes

  • 2019 – making strangers into neighbours
  • 2018 – connecting communities
  • 2017 – growing neighbourhoods
  • 2016 – growing neighbourhoods
  • 2015 – youth and seniors in our communities
  • 2014 – celebrating Wellington's diversity