Neighbours Day Aotearoa

Neighbours Day Aotearoa is a nationwide event which aims to bring people together to build great neighbourhoods, regardless of whether your neighbourhood is an apartment, a marina or private accommodation.

Neighbours Day isn't about big events – it might mean a first wave or a smile, a chat over the fence, inviting your neighbour in for a cuppa, or holding a street barbecue.

Neighbours Day Aotearoa 2019

Neighbours Day Aotearoa will be celebrated during the 10 days, from 22 to 31 March 2019 – but there are events happening before and after these dates, as every day is a good day to get to know your community.

Closer to the event, we will have a selection of some of the events happing in a neighbourhood near you.

Stuck for ideas?

Some ideas for neighbourhood and community-level projects and events could include:

  • coordinate an inter-generational planting event or other event at your local community garden
  • hold a community inter-generational dinner and dance
  • organise cooking classes or an inter-generational bake off
  • hold community classes, like preserve-making with seasonal produce
  • have a picnic in the park with your neighbours
  • set up a 'drink & draw' group or share a book.

By helping to spread the word and give opportunities for neighbourhoods to become aware of local events and projects, we can further support the message that we need to look after each other in our communities.

Free resources to help you get to know your neighbours

Free printed resources are available to help you and your neighbours get to know each other better over the Neighbours Day Aotearoa weekend.

The free resources include information on ways to stay connected to your neighbours such as:

See the full list of the resources on: Resources for Neighbourhoods

If you'd like to order any of these resources, email with your address and how many you need for your neighbourhood.

If you are planning to organise an event in your street, you'll find plenty of inspiration and can register your event on Neighbours Day Aotearoa

Past Neighbours Day themes

  • 2018 – connecting communities
  • 2017 – growing neighbourhoods
  • 2016 – growing neighbourhoods
  • 2015 – youth and seniors in our communities
  • 2014 – celebrating Wellington's diversity