Bus Stop and Utility Boxes Painted

A bus stop, two utility cabinets and a substation in Khandallah have been painted with murals featuring bees and gardens in anticipation of the community orchard opening up down Mandalay Terrace.

Photo of the left side of the utility box, showing a painting of children planting vegetables in a garden.

The finished utility cabinets - Ellen's work looks stunning


Community orchard in the works

The Khandallah Community Gardens group have been granted a licence to make use of a vacant patch of land down Mandalay Terrace. They've started creating plans to open up a community orchard which will be available for everyone to share. The group teamed up with the Wellington City Council and three utility companies to decorate the bus stop on the corner of Mandalay Ter and Cashmere Ave, along with the utility boxes and substation further down the road.

Supporting local talent

Artist Ellen Coup has just completed the series of paintings after starting on 16 February. The murals have been based around the themes of community gardens and bees, and fit in with our "Bee Friendly" campaign.

We are organising an official opening ceremony for later in April which will be open for anyone interested to attend.

Keeping graffiti at bay

Council funds the painting of 6 bus stops a year. The bus stops are painted through our graffiti management programme – it’s a fun and engaging way to remove tagging, brighten up public spaces and support our local art scene.

The utility boxes have been funded by their respective companies, including Wellington Electricity, Chorus and Vodafone.

Check out the before and after pictures of Ellen's work