Accessibility Forum

An opportunity for people with impairments to give recommendations on how to make Council services more accessible.

Accessible Wellington Forum

The Accessible Wellington Forum, held on or near to the International Day of Disabled People, is an annual opportunity for the disability sector and the Council to come together to discuss ideas and matters of importance.

Discussion groups focus on specific themes and make recommendations for improvements. Past forums have produced:

  • a trial service for sign-language interpreting
  • a fax machine at the Council Contact Centre
  • the Wellington Accessibility Map
  • increased mobility parking.

2015 Forum

The forum was hosted by Wellington City Council in partnership with the Council’s Accessibility Advisory Group on 19 June in the Community Room, Central Library. The theme of the forum was "Engaging with the Council: Modes and Mechanisms".

The programme included:

  • a presentation for the Mayor, which gave an update on the Council's accessibility work and provided information about getting problems fixed and influencing decisions
  • a presentation about implications of findings from the 2013 Disability Survey for Wellington by Michael Bealing
  • a presentation about the Accessibility Advisory Group and its work by the Co-Chairs, Michael Bealing and Paul Booth.

Almost 50 people attended and a number of concerns were aired during discussions, including issues with mobility parking and parking charges, and the accessibility of information on the Council's website.

More information

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