Kerbside collection trial

The kerbside food waste collection trial services 500 households on the Miramar Peninsula.

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The provided food waste bins are emptied on Friday mornings (the usual rubbish/recycling collection day), and the contents delivered to the Capital Compost facility at the Southern Landfill. There the collected food waste is mixed with green waste, and transformed into compost that can be used in gardens all over Wellington.

Data will be gathered to measure the amount of food waste diverted from the landfill, and also to gain an understanding of householders’ attitudes, awareness and actions surrounding food waste.

Kerbside collection area

The area allocated to the kerbside collection has been carefully chosen to include a diverse range of established communities which are representative of Wellington’s demographics, socioeconomics, and topography.  

Enrolled in the kerbside collection trial?

We have developed a handy video to help setup your kerbside bin and understand how to divert food waste from your main rubbish.

What you can put in your food waste bin

  • vegetable scraps
  • fruit scraps
  • meal leftovers
  • bread
  • pasta and rice
  • dairy products
  • egg shells
  • coffee grounds, tea leaves, tea bags
  • cooked meat scraps and small bones
  • fish bones and scraps
  • paper towels 
  • indoor cut flowers

What you can't put in

  • raw meat and bones
  • plastic bags, liners, compostable bags
  • compostable coffee cups, containers, packaging
  • green waste/garden waste
  • bathroom paper towels and used tissues (for hygiene reasons)

More information

If you have a question about the Para Kai Miramar Trial you can email us at