Home composting trial

We’ve recruited approximately 450 households on the Miramar Peninsula to try composting their food waste at home in either a compost bin, worm farm, or a Bokashi system. The trial is now underway, and we aren’t taking new enrolments at this time.

A hand holding a banana peel with the text

How will this trial work? 

  • Participants have been given a FREE compost bin, worm farm or Bokashi system, depending on their household size and living situation. 
  • Participants have received how-to information to begin diverting food waste from their household rubbish to making useful compost at home.
  • The amount of waste that is being diverted from landfill will be measured via a rubbish audit and questionnaires.
  • After 12 months of monitoring, we will use this information to help us develop a city-wide solution to reducing food waste going to the landfill.   

Enrolled in the home composting trial?

Find out how to set up your bin and get going with making great home compost. 

More information

If you have a question about the Para Kai Miramar Trial you can email us at food.waste@wcc.govt.nz