Sportsville case study: Alex Moore Park

The Council has been working with five sports clubs (Olympic Harriers, Johnsonville Cricket, Johnsonville Softball, North Wellington Junior Football and North Wellington Senior Football) based at Alex Moore Park since 2008. Collectively these clubs have over 2000 members.

As with many sporting organisations in New Zealand, these clubs have experienced aging club buildings, rising utility and maintenance costs, poor use of facilities, increased administration and fewer volunteers.

The clubs have formed an entity called Alex Moore Park Sport & Community Inc. and have a vision to fund a new purpose-built multisport facility at Alex Moore Park.

The Council has approved $1,745,000 in the 2015-25 Long-term Plan towards the multisport building. The Alex Moore Park Sport & Community Inc. received confirmation in June 2015 that $500,000 was granted from the Lottery Community Facility Fund. The proposed building is estimated to cost $5.2M.