Keith Spry Pool Aquafitness & aquatherapy timetable


Monday 9.30am shallow water  
Tuesday 9.30am ezy movers  
8.30am deep water  

9.30am deep water
  7pm deep water
Thursday 9.30am ezy movers
Friday 8.30am deep water
  9.30am deep water


Tuesdays & Thursdays 7.30am


About the aquatherapy programme

The aquatherapy program will be ideal for:

  • individuals in the stages of rehabilitation from an injury or post-surgery
  • people dealing with chronic conditions which impede their daily functioning, ie stroke victims, arthritis, milder forms of muscular dystrophy
  • elderly patients looking to improve their general muscular strength, health and improvement within activities of daily living.

The classes themselves are not cardiovascular based - but instead focussed on full range of motion exercises, resistance exercises and balance drills.