See the best views in Wellington through the #PeakBragging interactive map, which will guide you to the best bragging spots in Wellington.

Ali Whitton jumping with his arms out stretched on top of Hawkins Hill.

#PeakBragging on Hawkins Hill


What is #PeakBragging?

We encouraged you to explore some of Wellington’s wonderful walkways and reach the tops of its highest places throughout the summer of 2016/17. And to brag about it to your sofa-dwelling friends.

Get #PeakBragging

Wellingtonians and visitors to the city took pictures at the top of a Wellington peak and uploaded them to FacebookInstagram, or Twitter with the #PeakBragging hashtag. 

Peaks to brag about

Check out our interactive map featuring 12 recommended peaks around the city. The map has advice on the best entry points and what sort of climb to expect on your way to the top. 

Most of the peaks are suitable for people with average fitness. If you want more of a challenge, we’ve included information on how to make the hikes a little longer.