I just want to go for a ride

Most of these trails are suitable for people who are comfortable on their bikes and are looking to branch out from the basic tracks and skills areas.

Green and grassy view of Wellington on a good day from the top of a hill.

Koru and Lazy Fern Tracks - Makara Peak

Makara Peak is Wellington’s premier mountain bike park. From the main carpark, Koru is a 45 minute climb through beautiful regenerating native bush. The climb is gradual with a few switchbacks. Koru is perfect for those who want to experience their first proper mountain biking track.

Once you reach the top of the ridge, Lazy Fern is the way back to civilisation. The first part is a little steep, but you can walk your bike if you find it difficult. The rest of the track is a gentle descent through native bush with no jumps or obstacles.

View a map of the Koru and Lazy Fern short loop.

Highbury Fling - Polhill

This track is easy to get to from the playground at the end of Highbury Road, and has some of the most amazing views in the city.

Starting from the four wheel drive track, take a short climb through the trees. The track is quite narrow in some places with a steep drop off, so take your time. The track follows the contours of Polhill Reserve and crosses a number of other tracks in the reserve, including one of the most popular tracks in Wellington – Transient.

If you continue to follow the track, you'll exit at Ashton Fitchett Drive. To get to the wind turbine, continue up the Sawmill (four wheel drive track) or stay on the road. If you take the Sawmill track, ride up the track to the fence line and then follow this up to the wind turbine itself. This is a very steep ascent and will involve a lot of pushing.

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