Camellia Red Ensign.

Camellia 'Red Ensign'

The Botanic Garden has a huge range of plant species from many different parts of the world. There are also collections that pay tribute to New Zealand's natural heritage.

Botanic Garden Map (808KB PDF)

Australian Garden

This garden has banksias, Grevillea, kangaroo paw and other interesting Australian plants.

Begonia House

The Begonia House has lush tropical and temperate plants including a variety of vibrant large blooming tuberous begonias, orchids, Hippeastrum, lotus and tropical lilies. 

Bolton Street Cemetery

This historic cemetery has a heritage rose collection inspired by original graveside plantings.

Bolton Street Cemetery


Native to southeast Asia, camellias have adapted well to New Zealand since being introduced in the 1870s. This camellia garden was developed in the 1960s.

Exotic forest

Colonial botanists planted this forest of more than 50 conifer species in the 1870s. The pines on Druids' Hill and Magpie Spur are some of the oldest pines in New Zealand.

Fragrant garden

Just below the Treehouse Visitor Centre, this aromatic garden is a wonderful place to stop and sniff.

Herb garden

Instant inspiration for home herb gardens, this garden has native and exotic herbs that are useful as well as decorative.

Horseshoe Bend

This is a tranquil garden of Asian woodland plants and trees including maples, magnolias, hostas, primula and rhododendrons.

Hydrangea Gully

A glowing summer tapestry of hydrangea varieties and species.

Lady Norwood Rose Garden

Set around a heritage fountain, this formally styled rose garden has over 3,000 roses. There is a mix of modern and old-fashioned varieties. A pruning demonstration is held every winter.

Magnolia - photo by William D Them.



Magnolias fringe the Soundshell lawn and William Bramley Drive. The waxy blooms erupt between late winter and early spring.

Māori flax collection

This native flax garden contains nearly 50 varieties selected by Māori for weaving, clothing and other economic uses. Some of these varieties date from the Garden's early flax trials in the late 1800s.

Native forest

This sheltered area has remnants of native forest that precede European settlement. The oldest tree in the garden - a gnarled hīnau - is over 200 years old.

Ornamental grasses

This garden features a wide range of ornamental grasses, located at the top of the Cable Car.


The Soundshell bank is home to a delightful selection of perennials, and hot-coloured varieties liven up the garden beds in front of the Begonia House.


Rhododendron varieties are scattered throughout the garden. The colourful and often flowering vireya rhododendrons can be seen at the bottom of the children's play area.

Rock gardens

There are three rock gardens in the Main Garden. The Main Rock Garden has alpine plants and bulbs, rhododendrons and maples. There are also plants from the Mediterranean, continental Europe and Asia. The Oak Rock Garden features many South African bulbs. The best time to view these gardens is from spring to midsummer.


This collection contains eye-catching and unusual plants and there is always something in flower. Tui and other nectar-drinking birds feed on aloe flowers in winter.


There are many notable trees in the Garden, many dating back to the 1860s. Towering redwoods, sequoia, pines, cork and common oaks are particularly striking.