Applying for car parks for car share vehicles

The Council's Car Share Policy, developed in 2016, sets out what operators need to do to qualify for on-street car parking spaces for car share vehicles.

If you are an existing or new car share operator wanting to apply for car parking spaces, please email so we can assist you.

There is no charge for these car parks at this stage but as car share businesses grow, the Council may consider seeking a financial contribution to cover part of the cost of providing them. And, as the price differential and charging infrastructure options for electric vehicles improve, we may consider only providing new spaces for plug-in hybrid or fully electric vehicles.

What's required

There are a range of requirements that need to be met to qualify for car parking spaces. These include:

  • being registered by the NZ Transport Agency as a rental service under the Land Transport Rule
  • developing over time a network of cars in locations that are accessible to all members
  • allowing any driver with a full licence to join, subject to reasonable creditworthiness and driving history checks
  • having an internet and/or phone-based booking system available to members 24 hours per day, which allows immediate booking of vehicles
  • ensuring no vehicle in an on-street space is booked for longer than 3 consecutive days, unless a replacement vehicle is provided for that space.

Operators will need to enter into a legal agreement with the Council, acknowledge us as a partner and provide a range of things including:

  • full details about the organisation and governance arrangements
  • a clear business plan that provides evidence of the commercial, or potential viability of the scheme
  • details about how the scheme will be run
  • agreed data management, reporting and evaluation systems
  • a promotion and marketing plan.

To apply or talk through the requirements, email