Car share schemes

Car share schemes have become popular in many cities around the world including the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia, and there is growing interest in them here.

The photo shows a car share vehicle parked in a Wellington car parking space designated for car share vehicles. The word car share is painted on the road surface in large yellow letters.
A car park designated for car share vehicles

People join a car share scheme to use a car share vehicle. The cars are either owned or leased by the car share provider, or by members of the car share scheme, who book them through websites, or phone and pay by the hour.

You can arrange to use one for as little as an hour. 

Car share schemes help reduce congestion and fit with our aims to make Wellington a Smart Capital and eco-city, so we are encouraging this way of getting around by providing dedicated on-street car parks for car share vehicles.

Using a car share vehicle 

Several central city on-street car parks have already been assigned to car share operators for an initial two-year period following a six-month trial that began in late 2015.  

To make use of these vehicles you need to contact the operators directly:

Vehicle locations

Over the next three years - subject to demand - the Council plans to identify up to 100 car parks across the city that could be set aside for car share vehicles or electric vehicle charging infrastructure and other services which either reduce the need to own a car, or make it easier to shift to sustainable transport fuels.

Why we support car share schemes

A high-quality diverse transport system is key to Wellington’s economic, environmental and social success – and meeting the growth and climate change goals outlined in the city's Urban Growth Plan and Low Carbon Capital Plan.

Many privately-owned cars sit idle about 95 percent of the time and evidence from overseas suggests that each car share vehicle takes between 10 and 20 cars off the road.

That's a good thing because Wellington's transport network is operating at capacity at peak times and also at times during weekends. Greater use of car share schemes is one way we can help reduce congestion.

Car sharing supports inner city residents and businesses who may only rarely need a car, and those living where space is constrained. It gives people greater travel choice and means they can get a car when they need one while avoiding the high cost of car ownership or needing a second car.

Evidence elsewhere also shows people who car share tend to use public transport and cycle more than those who drive their own car.

How to apply for car parks for car share vehicles

The Council's Car Share Policy, developed in 2016, sets out what operators need to do to qualify for on-street car parking spaces for car share vehicles.

Applying for car parks for car share vehicles