Shared pathways

Wellington's shared pathways are a great way to get around the city. Whether you are walking or running, or on a skateboard or riding a bike, being courteous and aware of others will help these to be spaces that everybody will enjoy.

People walking and cycling on a shared pathway.
Shared pathway

Pathways where you can ride a bike are identified by 'Shared Pathway' signs and are throughout Wellington.

When you are riding a bike on a shared pathway:

  • be courteous and mindful of others
  • keep your speed to a minimum so it suits the environment you are riding in
  • give people space when you are passing or approaching them
  • sing out or give a friendly ring on your bell to alert people that you are near
  • adjust your bike lights downward so they illuminate the path and don't shine into people's eyes
  • keep your helmet on as this road rule still applies in this space.

Remember that riding on the footpath is illegal so you need to dismount and push your bike.

Being a courteous rider will help these to be spaces for everybody to enjoy. It's how we roll in Wellington - we look out for, and look after each other - it's #TheWellingtonWay.

Map of shared pathways

To view a map of shared pathways in Wellington see the Bike There website.

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