Young drivers

Young drivers (aged 15 to 24 years) were at fault for twenty six percent of Wellington’s crash statistics in 2019. Over half of these crashes were due to poor judgement and observation. The good news is there is help available to avoid crashes.

Most crashes happen on local roads

In Wellington 90 percent of crashes with young drivers involve failure to give way or stop, incorrect lane positions, and poor judgement.

All causes are due to lack of driving experience. forty percent of young drivers involved in crashes are travelling on their learners or restricted licence, compared with 54 percent of all drivers involved in crashes.

Be a great Wellington driver

A common factor in these crashes is driver distraction. So you can prevent crashes simply by paying attention and focusing on driving. As a passenger, you can also help keep the driver focused on their driving by reducing distractions.

Teaching someone to drive?

You can teach someone to drive if you have a full NZ car driver licence and have held it (or an overseas equivalent) for at least 2 years.

Teaching someone the skills they need to become a safe and competent driver will help reduce their chance of crashing.


  • Drive has free information and tips to help you learn to drive and get your full licence.
  • Pathways Awarua provides road code learning modules

Students against dangerous driving

The Council supports the efforts of SADD students to raise awareness amongst their peers about dangerous driving. If your school would like to be involved, visit SADD