Getting around on foot safely

Both pedestrians and motorists have a shared responsibility to keep our roads safe.

A male and female walking a dog along the footpath.

To avoid crashes, we all need to be alert and aware of the environment we are travelling through.

Wellington is a great city to get around on foot. There can be up to 45,000 people an hour walking in the central city. The Council is continually working on initiatives to improve pedestrian safety in the city. This includes wider footpaths, street furniture and more crossing points.

A large concrete pathway being used by pedestrians, bikes and a scoother.
Shared pathway

Safety on shared pathways

Wellington's shared pathways are a great way to move around the city. These spaces are often busy with people getting around in a variety of ways - walking or running, pushing buggies, on skateboards or riding bikes.

Keep yourself safe on shared pathways by:

  • being aware of others around you
  • giving others space and being courteous.

It also helps to be visible to other people on a shared pathway - especially at night or on gloomy days. This can be as simple as having a piece of bright clothing, a small light or a reflective strip on your bag.