Proposed lower speed zones

Suburb Location
Johnsonville North from Johnsonville Road / Broderick Road intersection to Johnsonville Road / Moorefield Road intersection.

South from Moorefield Road / Johnsonville Road intersection to Moorefield Road / Broderick Road intersection.

East from Broderick Road / Moorefield Road intersection to Broderick Road / Johnsonville Road intersection.
Karori, Karori shopping area Karori Road: from 17 metres east of Campbell Street to 11 metres west of Camberlain Road.

Parkvale Road: from its intersection with Karori Road, extending north 121 metres.
Karori, Marsden Village Karori Road: from 4 metres east of Lancaster Street to 5.5 metres west of Hatton Street.
Linden West from Collins Avenue / Hinau Street intersection to Collins Avenue / Findlay Street intersection.
Newlands North from Bracken Road / Newlands Road intersection to Bracken Road / Stewart Drive intersection.

West from Stewart Drive / Bracken Road intersection to Stewart Drive / Batchelor Street intersection.
Tawa North from Main Road / Cambridge Street intersection to Main Road / Surrey Street intersection.

Cambridge Street for its entire length.