Driving near schools

Look out for children when driving near a school and follow the directions of the school road patrols.

An adult and two children wearing high vis vests and holding the school pedestrian crossing signs on a road.
Follow road patroller's directions

The roads near schools are always busy before and after school. When you are driving near a school remember to:

  • follow the directions of the school road patrols
  • keep alert as children are still learning about the road and may not behave as you expect
  • always be prepared to stop.


The way you park can impact the safety of children walking to and from school. It can create an unsafe environment for children crossing the road by limiting their ability to see traffic. Help keep children safe by:

  • parking legally - stopping clear of yellow lines and off footpaths
  • checking over your shoulder for pedestrians and people on bikes before opening your car door
  • parking a bit further away and walking the last bit to avoid congestion.
  • Make sure the footpath is clear when reversing out of a driveway, or reverse in to the driveway so you can drive out front first
  • Trim any trees or plants bordering the footpath so they don’t block access or visibility. 

    Thank the school patrollers

    Before and after school the road patrollers work hard to keep their fellow students safe and traffic moving. The children volunteer to do this - every day during term time, and in all weathers.

    To thank the partrollers the Council organises the Orange Day Parade through central Wellington each year. This is a chance for us to show our appreciation by cheering the patrollers as they pass. After the parade the children gather for prizes and entertainment.