News | 12 December 2017

Karori Campus sale

Wellington City Council’s Onslow-Western Councillors, Diane Calvert, Andy Foster and Simon Woolf, have responded to Victoria University of Wellington’s announcement of the formal sale and purchase of the Karori Campus bringing public ownership of the site to a close.

“We were surprised the Ministry of Education pulled out, at such a late stage, from developing a local educational technology hub and purchasing the recreation courts as had been agreed with the Council.

“The Council had initially expressed an interest in the recreation courts but had agreed to let the Ministry handle purchase under the Public Works Act and under which the Council had already purchased land for additional pool parking.”

“While we had hoped and strongly advocated for part if not all of the site to be retained for public use, we still want to ensure that the community’s needs are met as best as possible.

“We are keen to establish a good relationship with the new owners (Ryman Healthcare) and work collaboratively with them on addressing community needs from both an existing and potential use perspective.”
“We appreciate that it will take some time for the new owner to develop its plans and go through the necessary District Plan changes and resource and building consent processes. This will hopefully provide some opportunities for the community to keep using the existing facilities and to positively and constructively engage with this new opportunity.

“In any event, the Council will now pursue both short and long term facilities for recreation courts in the area.”