News | 21 December 2016

Fliers to be delivered tomorrow as part of Council quake response

Some 2000 information fliers will be hand-delivered to offices, retailers and apartments in the Wellington CBD starting from tomorrow (Thursday) as part of Wellington City Council’s initiative to compel the owners of about 80 buildings to undertake engineering assessments following the 14 November earthquake.

The fliers will be delivered to shops, offices and apartments in the 80 buildings – and buildings immediately neighbouring the properties.

Wellington City Recovery Manager Mike Mendonça says while the delivery of the notices in required under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act, it is certainly nothing more than an advisory for occupants of the affected buildings and their immediate neighbours.

“As I said earlier this week, we have no evidence to suggest that anyone should be evacuating any building that is not already closed as a result of the quake – however the delivery of the notices is a statutory requirement.”

Mr Mendonça says the notices contain a list of the addresses of the 80 affected buildings, a copy of the statutory notice issued to the owners of those buildings, and advice for people who want to know more about the engineering assessments and associated issues.

He says the City Council has increased staffing in its call centre and at the ERIC (Earthquake Recovery Information Centre) in the Public Trust Office building on the corner of Lambton Quay and Stout Street.

Staff will deliver the notices to as many floors, offices and businesses as practically possible tomorrow, says Mr Mendonça. “I apologise in advance because I know we won’t get to every interested office and floor in the city tomorrow, especially given the city is a few days before Christmas – but we’ll try as hard as possible.”