News | 14 November 2016

Wellington Quakes Update #5 - Monday 8.45pm

As at 8.45pm.

Take extra care out there tonight – if you have to travel.

Motorists are strongly advised to take extra care if they are on the road overnight – a combination of continuing quake tremors and heavy rain raises the risk that rockfalls and landslips could come down on roads in steeper parts of the region.

The region’s acting Civil Defence Controller, Anthony Wilson, says heavy rain over the weekend has left slopes sodden – and more heavy rain is falling tonight. “The conditions are right for landslips – so motorists should be extra vigilant, especially on blind bends.

“Better still, stay home if you can.”

Central Wellington will be open for business tomorrow (Tuesday 15 November) but people will need to use their commonsense and avoid the areas that have been cordoned off, particularly around Featherston Street - see road closure map (98KB PDF).

Some buildings are still being assessed. Employees need to check with their employers whether their building has been inspected and deemed safe, and whether they should go into work.

There are uncertainties around which public transport services will be operating and which car parking buildings will be open.

Buses will be operating tomorrow. 

Check the Metlink site for further details.

The Wellington regional rail network is still being inspected and at this stage it is not certain whether trains will be running tomorrow or not. 

Car park buildings are still being assessed and it is likely some car parks will be closed tomorrow. We strongly advise people to car-share, use public transport or be prepared to park out of the CBD and walk to work.

Make sure you check the Wellington Civil Defence Emergency Map for up-to-date information about this emergency. This map provides you with critical emergency information specific to your suburb, for example, where there are power outages and road closures.

Residents are advised to listen to Radio NZ (101.3 FM) for further details.

For further updates follow us on Facebook or Twitter or refer to Wellington Region Emergency Management (WREMO).