News | 9 May 2016

Mayor proposes sister city with Canberra

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown is proposing a formal sister city relationship between Wellington and the Australian capital.

Mayor Wade-Brown and Australian Central Territory Government, Chief Minister Andrew Barr, holding Wellington Phoenix scarf on Canberra sportsfield.
Mayor Celia Wade-Brown (left) and Chief Minister Andrew Barr.

Councillors will consider the issue at the next full Council meeting on 11 May. Australian Capital Territory Chief Minister Andrew Barr is ready to sign the deal when he visits Wellington in early July.

The Mayor, who visited Canberra last week, says the new deal will bring the two capitals closer together, developing stronger economic, environmental, political, cultural and tourism ties. 

Areas of interest include cooperating on business opportunities, nationhood programmes, technology and innovation, resilient cities, tertiary education, tourism and joint promotion to Asia.

“Together the capital cities will be stronger and have more impact on the global stage,” says the Mayor.

“Wellington and Canberra have a lot in common and this relationship will help equip both cities for long-term success,” says the Mayor.

“Australia is our nearest neighbour and our capital cities must have closer and stronger cultural, economic and political ties. Businesses that provide services to the Government sector have an obvious opportunity to expand.

“A formal relationship with Canberra will deliver real benefits for Wellington. The recent agreement with Singapore Airlines, flying from Singapore to Wellington with a brief stop-over in Canberra, is an example of what has  already been achieved together. The Wellington Regional Development Agency (WREDA) and VisitCanberra will work together to promote both cities in South East Asia.”


From September there will be four flights a week between Wellington and Canberra, connecting to Singapore.

More information about the Mayor's trip to Canberra is available on pages 4 to 12 of the Council Meeting Agenda - 11.05.16.