News | 18 March 2016

Capital's Council calls for Communities' priorities

Investment, action and transformation of Wellington City is the story of the Capital’s Long Term Plan (LTP), and now residents are being asked to help edit the next chapter.

Next week, Wellington City councillors will sign off on the Annual Plan 2016/17 Consultation Document, which asks the Capital’s citizens, businesses and communities to provide feedback on the next phase of the Capital’s development.

The Long Term Plan is into the second year of delivering a $5 billion budget for the next decade with no service reductions while adding $800 million of new economic development initiatives.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says the Council is taking another crucial step with its communities to define the shape of the Capital’s future.

“The Council is leading the transformation of the Capital, it’s essential that our communities have their say at every step of our journey,” says the Mayor.

“The LTP is our bold plan to stimulate the Wellington economy and ensure the city gains maximum value from Council investment in physical and community infrastructure. Council also commits to maintain and improve the services Wellingtonians receive from us. No cuts.

“The 2016/17 Annual Plan outlines how we will deliver on year two of the LTP and ensure Wellington remains one of the most liveable cities in the world, including the Johnsonville Library, Arlington social housing upgrade, Harbour Escarpment walkway, starting the Town Hall strengthening and various transport initiatives,” she says.

In the draft consultation document, which councillors will consider on Wednesday 23 March, new projects have been identified by members of the public and councillors after early engagement with communities.

New analysis informs Wellington’s Low Carbon Capital strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. An Urban Development Agency would regenerate underperforming areas and deliver high-quality developments.

Other changes of note include Food Act fee changes (changing the fee structure from that outlined in LTP), Zealandia Governance changes (creating a new Council-Controlled Organisation that was not specified in the LTP) and Kilbirnie Business Improvement District (setting a new targeted rate that was not identified in LTP).

The proposed activities in the 2016/17 Annual Plan include in excess of 10% funding on resilience projects, spread over different areas of the budget.

In return for the commitment to the 10% Resilience Pledge, 100RC commits to make available Platform Partner goods and services worth up to USD$5 million over the next five years to support Wellington's resilience building efforts.

The Wellington City Council’s Annual Plan engagement and consultation period will begin 29 March, with an official launch to be held at the Paramount Theatre 12.45pm. Organisations and members and the public are welcome to attend.

Next steps

The next financial year 2016/17 is year two of the 2015-25 LTP.

A series of consultation events are planned for between 29 March and 29 April 2016. These will provide more information on the LTP and its objectives, and the proposed changes to the LTP.

A submission form will be on the Wellington City Council website and in the consultation document, and the public is encouraged to provide feedback on the proposed changes.

Submitters will also have the opportunity to speak to it in front of Wellington City Councillors at hearings in May 2016.

Following the hearings, Councillors will make final decisions on content of the Annual Plan and agree the rate levels for 2016/17