News | 9 February 2016

Zephyrometer up moving and improved

The Evans Bay Zephyrometer sculpture, which was blowing low in very high winds last month, has been repaired and is moving freely again.

The Zephyrometer against a dramatic sunset.
The Zephyrometer, by sculptor Phil Price

Wellington City Council’s Public Arts Project Officer, Victoria Bennett, says additional weights were added to the counter balance of the Zephyrometer’s needle, and its stoppers have been improved.

“The needle’s stoppers had to be repaired because of the extra impact caused by the balance not being correct. We also added an extra 300kgs counter-balance – made from zinc coated steel triangle plates. These adjustments will now stop it bending low over the road in high winds.”

Artist Phil Price made the Zephyrometer, which was installed in 2003 as part of the Wellington Meridian Energy Wind Sculpture Walk.