News | 16 February 2016
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Wellingtonians absolutely positively full of ideas

Wellingtonians have responded with ideas on how to make the city an even better place, in the build-up to a formal consultation and engagement for the Wellington City Council Annual Plan 2016/17 starting end of March.

A colourful doughnut graph with the text 'This is a plan for all Wellingtonians' in the middle.

Tweets, Facebook posts, letters, phone calls, meeting requests and emails were received from groups and individuals responding to the Council’s call for ideas on how to grow Wellington’s economy, be a smart resilient city, and make better use of infrastructure like parks, roads and libraries.  

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says the Council wants to make it easy for the community to have input on spending priorities for the Annual Plan 2016/17.  

“Local people telling us what they think before the formal Annual Plan consultation and engagement period provides valuable input into the process of deciding on spending priorities for the year ahead,” she says.

“We are always balancing competing demands and we need to make sure the decisions we make are fair and good for the city,” says the Mayor.

The full Annual Plan Consultation document will be available for comment from 29 March until 29 April 2016.

Find out more about the: Wellington City Council Annual Plan 2016/17 and the 10 year Long-term Plan for Wellington.

Key dates

7 Jan – 5 Feb 2016 Wellingtonians asked to share their ideas in a pre-consultation period to the annual plan
16 Feb 2016 Council discussion on total funding bids – public and council initiatives and budget pressures
22 and 24 Feb 2016 Council hold panel hearings on public initiatives – open to public

9 March 2016

Governance, Finance and Policy Committee meeting on content for consultation document – this is  where Council agree initiatives to be included in the consultation document
Week starting 7 March 2016 Officer advice on public initiatives provided to submitters

29 March 2016

Launch of Engagement and Consultation process on AP and release of Consultation Document
29 March – 29 April Consultation period 
June 2016

The outcome of the consultation will inform development of the Annual Plan 2016/17 that is due for a final vote and sign-off by the Council in June 2016.