Lease & licence proposals - Town Belt & Reserve land

Status Closed
Start date 19 March 2015
Closed date 20 April 2015
Location Kelburn Park; and Caribbean Avenue Reserve, Grenada North

What happened to this public notice?

Wellington City Council sought your views on granting a new lease to an existing tenant on Town Belt land in Kelburn, and a new licence on land held under the Reserves Act 1977 in Granada North.

New lease

The new lease would be granted to the existing tenant, Victoria University of Wellington, for the purpose of a tennis club.

Lease type

Ground lease.


Salamanca Road, Kelburn Park.

Lease term

10 years.

If approved the provisions of the Town Belt Deed, Town Belt Management Plan and the Reserves Act 1977 will apply.

New licence

The new licence would be granted to a new tenant, Ngaio Rifle Club for the purpose of an outdoor air rifle target range.

Licence type

Occupational licence.


Caribbean Avenue Reserve, Grenada North.

Licence term

5 years.

If approved, the provisions of the Reserves Act 1977 will apply.