Trelissick Park Oban Street access way

The Council would like your feedback on a proposal to allow a new access way to Trelissick Park via Oban Street in Wadestown.

Status Open
Start date 2 October 2018
Closing date 5.00p.m., 29 October 2018
Trelissick Park

About the proposal

The proposed new access way is situated between two residential houses on Oban Street.

On the one hand, the proposed new access way would:

  • add an additional access point to Trelissick Park from Wadestown
  • create an additional loop route that includes the Hanover Street entrance, a bush track and a street walk.

On the other hand, the proposed new access way could cause:

  • the privacy of the two residences on either side of it to be impacted by the construction and use of the new access way
  • the residents of the area in general to be impacted by increased traffic - foot or motorised - because the proposed access is at the end of a narrow cul-de-sac.

The purpose of the survey is to determine:

  • the level of impact on and the level of support among residents
  • the level of support among current and potential users of the park.