Kiwi Point Quarry expansion

We're looking at expanding the quarry as the existing north face has only a few years of remaining life (based on the current rate of extraction). We'd like your feedback on the proposed options.

Status Open
Start date 22 September 2017
Closing date 5.00p.m., 30 October 2017
Aerial view of Kiwi Point Quarry.


Based on the current rate of extraction, the existing north face at Kiwi Point Quarry has only a few years of remaining life. 

Forecasts predict by 2043 there will be 50-80,000 more residents in Wellington, which will mean more construction work requiring the types of rocks extracted from Council-owned Kiwi Point Quarry.  

There are two other quarries in the Greater Wellington region which supply the region. If we don’t do anything at Kiwi Point Quarry the resources in these other quarries will be depleted sooner.


Four options were initially considered by specialists for the future of Kiwi Point Quarry:

  • Option 1 was to do nothing and close the quarry when the north face rocks were exhausted.
  • Option 2 was to quarry the already permitted south site remaining.
  • Neither of these options would provide the rock resources needed for the next 15-20 years and are not financially viable.
  • Expansion to the south face of Kiwi Point Quarry is possible with two options (Options 3 and 4) being considered – medium and maximum development. Maximum development would secure rock resources for Wellington City for the next 20 years. As a bulk, low-cost product, the closer the source of aggregates is to the construction work, the more cost-effective it is.

Proposal documents

These documents are also available from:

  • the Council Service Centre at 101 Wakefield Street
  • from Council libraries at Newlands, Johnsonville, Khandallah and the city centre
  • by post - contact the Council for your copy.

Drop-in sessions

The Council will hold two drop-in sessions where you can ask questions and talk to staff:

  • 11am–4pm, Saturday 30 September
  • 5pm–8pm, Wednesday 4 October

These sessions will be held at St John’s Anglican Church, 18 Bassett Road, Johnsonville.


Feedback is sought on the two options, mitigation and screening of the site from State Highway 1 (SH1).

The submission form is also available in a printable version which you can post:

Printable Feedback Form (68KB PDF)