New Johnsonville Community Hub parking

Status Closed
Start date 6 September 2017
Closed date 29 September 2017
Number of submissions 113

What happened to this consultation?

Wellington City Council sought your feedback on restricting car parking around to the new Johnsonville Community Hub.

We commissioned an independent assessment to help us understand the impact the Community Hub would have on parking in Johnsonville. The report showed that in the wider Johnsonville area there will enough car parks to meet current and estimated future demand. However, more car parks will be needed for people visiting the Community Hub. To make these available, people who currently park in this area all day will need to find space further away.

To make enough parking available, we need to consider restricting car parks close to the Community hub for users and how the timing of developments happening in the area will affect supply. 

Car parking around the Community Hub is being affected by a range of factors:

  • The loss of car parks due to construction and road improvements
  • Increased demand due to people visiting the new Community Hub

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