Karori Town Centre: Public Space Improvement Project

Status Closed
Start date 7 November 2018
Closed date 28 November 2018
Number of submissions 300

What happened to this consultation?

We received 300 submissions stating what people thought about Council's four proposed design options. The aim of the project is to deliver something that best supports a vibrant, inviting town centre that is well connected and reflects the character of Karori. Option B garnered the most likes.

The public provided feedback on four design options. We received 300  submissions through an online and onsite engagement process. Of the four options, Library Square/England Lane (option B) received the most likes with nearly 40 percent stating they liked that option. Nearly equal proportions of respondents, 26 and 23 percent respectively, liked options A and C. Over half of the respondents said they did not like option D and just under half did not like option C.

Proposal documents

For more information see: Karori Town Centre: Public Space Improvement Project