Sinclair/Southgate Park playground upgrade

Status Closed
Start date 11 February 2019
Closed date 25 February 2019

What happened to this consultation?

We were planning to upgrade the playground on the upper level of Sinclair Park. however, there was some interest in having a new playground built at Southgate Park instead.

As the Council can't do both options, we put out a survey asking users and local residents which location they prefer and why.

Although the survey results showed that Sinclair Park has a number of favourable aspects for a good quality playground, overall more people (67%) stated they were in favour of building a new playground at Southgate Park.

We can confirm that a new small neighbourhood playground will be built at Southgate Park. The old Sinclair Park playground will be decommissioned. The playground design is currently being developed, and construction is expected to begin February/March 2020.

Proposal document

Map - Southgate Park proposed playground location (2MB PDF)

Next steps

February/March 2020: Construction expected to begin.

The play equipment at Sinclair Park will be removed once construction at Southgate Park is complete.

More information

Phone: 04 499 4444